Welcome to Don Higgins Esophageal Cancer Story (DHECS.org) Timeline of Events

2022-08-29 Visit UC Health ER in Colorado for swallowing issue, referred to gastrologist doc
2022-09-19 my local gastrologist doc found tumor in lower esophagus during endoscopy
2022-09-19 Morton Plant Hospital CT scan and search for surgeon to remove tumor
2022-09-23 Moffitt PET scan shows cancer in esophagus tumor and local lymph node
2022-09-27 Moffitt install feeding tube and port
2022-10-04 Moffitt appointment with nutritionist via zoom
2022-10-12 Moffitt consult with radiologist and chemo docs
2022-10-24 Moffitt blood work and consult with oncologist
2022-10-29 Moffitt endoscopy to insert marker for radiation
2022-10-30 Moffitt blood,chemo #1 infusion and fanny pack for 3 days
2022-10-31 Moffitt replace feeding tube after it came out
2022-11-01 Moffitt consult with nutritionist via zoom
2022-11-15 Moffitt blood, chemo #2 infusion and fanny pack for 3 days
2022-11-28 Moffitt blood, chemo #3 infusion and fanny pack for 3 days
2022-12-08 Moffitt PET scan shows 40% reduction in tumor in lower esophagus
2022-12-13 Moffitt CT Simulation to place tatoos for radiation
2022-12-27 Moffitt start 28 radiation and chemo treatments 5 days a week
2023-01-11 Don and Charlotte's 54th wedding anniversary
2023-01-11 Moffitt swelling of left leg led to Eliqguiis treatment for blood clots
2023-01-22 Don's 78th birthday
2023-02-06 Moffitt end of 28 radiation and chemo daily treatments
2023-03-23 Moffitt CT scan after 6 weeks beyond radiation and chemo treatment
2023-05-03 Moffitt PET scan and endoscopy to see if all the cancer is gone after 12 weeks.

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